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July 2017 Newsletter
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Nebraska!  The Caribbean of the Midwest? - Who knew?  Well, we did.  Out of the 600 plus shows Soca Jukebox has performed in recent years, fully 575 of them have been in the great state of Nebraska.  

We’ve even got our own state tax identity there that allows us to “shelter” our investments the way some other companies might go “off-shore” or nab one of those convenient swiss bank accounts.  

Kind of like that Attorney/Client Privilege… We’ve got Nebraska and Nebraska has Soca Jukebox.  Deep in our hearts, minds and the very nuclei of our molecules.

In the last several weeks alone, we have performed for the Minden Street Dance, Hastings 4th of July and our very own garden of eden, Cunningham’s Journal in Kearney.   This week… The Buffalo County Fair!

Nebraska… if you ever decide to secede from the union… Soca Jukebox is coming with you.


Reggae Pop Quiz

Q:  What do Toby Keith, Elvis and Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias all have in common…?  

A:   Soca Jukebox! 

Other correct answers include… (conceal carry, love of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and boots planted firmly where the sun don’t shine if you cross ‘em.

Soca J is amongst a great line-up of great americans for the 2017 Buffalo County Fair!

We’ll play 2 shows tonight (thursday 7-27)  Private Patron’s Party, 530 & Public Concert at 730.

Wedded Bliss - It’s a proven fact that if Soca plays your wedding reception, your marriage is blessed with longevity and happiness.  9 years ago, we played for Ned and Burgandy’s big day.  Since they live in Illinois, they had to come all the way back to our show at Captain Ron’s, Lake Ozark MO to celebrate one more time with the wedding party and new friends.

It was awesome to catch up with them, to hear about the family and the new addition.

I got to say… they haven’t changed a bit.  I hope they’ll say the same!  Except… maybe that we were even BETTER than we were in 2008.

Looking for the longest relationship you’ve ever had?  Soca Jukebox might just be the magic you need.  Also… it helps to be a good person, etc.  Love IS patient, kind and all that.  But, mostly it’s Soca J.


Are you more like a Humming Bird or a Lion?

New Artwork - We are so excited about our new original art work from Angie Pickman at Rural Pearl (www.RuralPearl.com).  When the band needed something special for this season’s tour poster, Angie over-delivered.  It’s a perfect blend of pastoral, midwestern and reggae rock.  Can you see the lion in there?  We kind of think of ourselves as Missouri Lions anyway.  Sleeping all day in the sun and letting the women do all the work.  King of the beasts or Kings of the beat?  Thank you, Angie!  We love it.


It's My Party (and I'll jam with Soca Jukebox if I want to) - Soca J formed in the summer of 2002 with our very first show on Aug. 10.  That makes this year our 15th season as band mates, friends, internet breakers and rhythm makers.  We are celebrating all summer long.  Help us blow out the candles at a few shows this season and our wish will have come true!

For Just $500 Down... - We’ve got a new live album coming soon!  You know what they say about the “good things” and the “waiting”?  Well… we are waiting.  We’ll be sharing the track list and letting a little bit leak as things continue to come together.  It’s getting close.  So close.  Stay tuned for pre-sale and special packages available only to those on this select list.  We are VERY selective.

Breaking the Internet http://www.socajukebox.com is open for business.  Complete with up-to-the-minute calendar for 2017!  We forked over the big bucks (and Ben’s first born) to the folks at Marks Media for the world’s greatest demonstration videos and the spectacularly updated dotcom.  It took some serious patience and cajoling to make it happen.  9 months to be exact.  We could have actually learned how to code, built our own computers and gestated a human baby in that time.  “Congratulations, Soca J!  It’s a website.  Clay, it’s got your eyes.”


So stop by the online nursery for a “koochie koo”.  They are cute when their are little and websites don’t blow spit bubbles.




"Well..., you see... there's this band playing..., and I was... kinda wondering..., would you go out with me?

Upcoming Dates

7/22 - Captain Ron’s, Sunrise Beach MO, 8pm

7/27 - Buffalo County Fair, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/5 - “Jeep n’ Jammin’ 4 Brett”, Coleman Hawkins Park, 4pm

8/10 - Happy 15th Soca Jukebox!

8/11 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/12 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/13 - Imagine Eleven w/Shawn Minter, Coleman Hawkins Park, 6pm

8/19 - Centerline Volleyball, Blue Springs MO, 7pm

8/21 - Great American Eclipse, 1pm

8/26 - Benedictine College Football, Atchison KS

8/26 - Manhattan Country Club, Manhattan KS, 8pm

9/3 - Hi-Ho, St. Joseph MO, 8pm

9/8 - Argosy Casino, Kansas City, 9pm

9/9 - Private, 7pm

9/16 - State Theater, Mound City MO, 7pm

10/21 - Benedictine College Football, Atchison KS

12/1 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE 

12/2 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE


Supporter/Fan of the month - 
Becky Boerkircher, Executive Director, St. Joseph Downtown Partnership

Soca kicked of the “Sounds of Summer” concert series this season for our hometown, downtown association.  It was hot, hot, hot but the music and the crowd were all of the highest caliber.  Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership recently “testified” as to the power of our band to transport and elevate an audience.  Thank you, Becky!

"Soca Jukebox is like experiencing an island vacation.  Even though you are in Missouri, the sounds of the band make you feel like you are somewhere special.  That's what makes them a crowd favorite!  From a professional aspect...they are just a great group of guys to work with!”

-St. Joseph Downtown Partnership, Rhabecca Boerkircher, Executive Director


This Guy!

If you've got a band... he's about to put you all over YouTube.  His artistic approach is what I would describe as "crotch-view".  He will go to any extreme to capture the moment.  He truly took us to places we had never been.  We laughed, we cried.  We don't want to go back.

New Clients, New Venues

Thanks to our newest clients.  Welcome to the family.

Benedictine College

Manhattan Country Club

Imagine Eleven

Blue Skies Health Care

Hastings Parks and Rec

State Theater Arts Council

Argosy Casino

Band Feature -
Getting to Know Soca Jukebox's,
Clay Johnston.


Imagine, if you will, a curly, ginger-haired 8-year old boy skirting the edges of the stages of dance halls and honky tonks throughout the wilds of north Missouri. His dad hands him the mic, and he throws down some Oak Ridge Boys and The Auctioneer Song, basks in the glow of the hot lights, then returns to his all-night Dr. Pepper bender. Everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s where Clay got bit by the rockstar bug.

Perhaps he’s best described as some sort of modern-day superhero; living by day as his alter-ego business professor, small business owner, and mild-mannered family man. Then, when he hears a cry for rock, he always seems to disappear, and in his place swoops in the colorful character we’ve all grown to know. With the super-human powers of social awkwardness, toasting, Spanglish, and tenor crooning, he’ll save the day and send evildoers packing with a devastating booty shaking.

Whether you need to sign up for a marketing class at Benedictine College, brew your own beer at Brew Lab (www.brewlabkc.com), or just want to laugh, sigh and cringe at some of the world’s most adorable, talented, and energetic kids, Clay will be there. He may not be the hero you need, or the one you deserve, but he’s the one you’ve got.


Other success…

“Brew Lab” KC is OPEN for Biz-nass!  Soca’s Pavarotti, CJ and his entrepreneurial compratriates recently opened their newly-expanded home-brewing adventure in Overland Park, KS.  Lots of fine brews on tap as well as chef-designed, signature small plates all served by an excellent staff.


Brew Lab

7925 Marty St.

Overland Park, KS 66204


Clay also holds the record for the most MVP seasons, recipient of three “Golden Jukebox” awards, Favorite Professor at Benedictine College and has fathered more children than any other band member.


Way to go, CJ!





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Available dates for ’17

Soca Jukebox only plays a limited number of dates per year and a portion of those go to charity.  We only have a handful of available dates left to book for this season.  These are first come, first serve.  If you know that Soca J is a great fit for your venue, corporate event, festival or special family occasion, it’s never to early to book.  Thank you for choosing LIVE music for your special events!


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Lay You Down - the band's original single is available...

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