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June 2017 Newsletter
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It's just a fact that a person's favorite music is the music of their youth.  The songs that remind us of being a certain place, at a certain time.  Great music can transport us and bring those good feelings right back to us.  It's truly time-traveling.

We want to go along for the ride with our friends, family and our audiences on that journey again and again.  That's why we play such a wide variety of music (like 5 decades worth).  We want to play something everyone can enjoy.  It's great to see so many generations at our shows all having a wonderful time together, sharing THEIR music and making new memories.

We aim to keep it fresh for you too.  Taking familiar favorites and giving them a little Latin twist or a Reggae spin.

Thank you for sharing your music with us.  Let's make some great memories this summer.

Festivals of Friendship

Kind of perfect for us.  The Lathrop Friendship Festival has been running for over 50 years.  We have been so fortunate to be invited again, again, again and again!  This little Missouri town really knows about what’s good in life, what’s really important… getting Soca Jukebox back.  Juuuuust kidding.  

It’s an amazing event with so much great support from the whole community.  We’ve built some quality friendships there over the years too.  This year was an 80’s theme complete with a Michael Jackson Tribute.  That didn’t stop them from including us.  Maybe they think we are getting close to 80 ourselves.  Thank you, Lathrop!  Hope to see you soon.

This Week…

We’ll be dancin’ in the streets in Minden NE!  This is our first time to play in Minden (and we hope not our last).  The good people there have worked for over a year to bring us in for this very special, annual community event.  We’ll hit the famous “Pioneer Village”, do a little light blacksmithing, grind some corn and unload the reggae rock on one of Nebraska’s finest small towns at 8pm.

Home Runs For Rose...

We were very proud to participate last weekend in the 2nd annual, “Home Runs for Rose”, a charity event to fight childhood cancer.  For the most part, it was a warm but beautiful day with families meeting for a charity softball tournament and live music.

We played alongside regional favorites, Outlaw Jim and the Whiskey Benders, The Nace Brothers as well as national recording artists, Pure Prairie League.  Ben even let them use his bass amp and all agreed it was the best they’d ever had the pleasure to plug into.

While we made it through our set, an impending thunderstorm forced us to cover the stage, batten down the hatches and take cover for about an hour.  The storm passed and the show went on!

The event was a great success and raised over $15,000 that was awarded to a local family fighting for and alongside their young son, Gaige.

It’s amazing the good work that good people, a little music (and some softball) can accomplish.

Are you more like a Humming Bird or a Lion?

New Artwork - We are so excited about our new original art work from Angie Pickman at Rural Pearl (  When the band needed something special for this season’s tour poster, Angie over-delivered.  It’s a perfect blend of pastoral, midwestern and reggae rock.  Can you see the lion in there?  We kind of think of ourselves as Missouri Lions anyway.  Sleeping all day in the sun and letting the women do all the work.  King of the beasts or Kings of the beat?  Thank you, Angie!  We love it.


Breaking the Internet is open for business.  Complete with up-to-the-minute calendar for 2017!  We forked over the big bucks (and Ben’s first born) to the folks at Marks Media for the world’s greatest demonstration videos and the spectacularly updated dotcom.  It took some serious patience and cajoling to make it happen.  9 months to be exact.  We could have actually learned how to code, built our own computers and gestated a human baby in that time.  “Congratulations, Soca J!  It’s a website.  Clay, it’s got your eyes.”


So stop by the online nursery for a “koochie koo”.  They are cute when their are little and websites don’t blow spit bubbles.


Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe - Soca J formed in the summer of 2002 with our very first show on Aug. 10.  That makes this year our 15th season as band mates, friends, internet breakers and rhythm makers.  We are celebrating all summer long.  Help us blow out the candles at a few shows this season and our wish will have come true!



“This is Soca Jukebox” - We’ve got a new live album coming soon!  You know what they say about the “good things” and the “waiting”?  Well… we are waiting.  We’ll be sharing the track list and letting a little bit leak as things continue to come together.  It’s getting close.  So close.  Stay tuned for pre-sale and special packages available only to those on this select list.  We are VERY selective.





19 Ways to Find Your Happy Place


Upcoming Dates

6/24 - Street Dance, Minden NE, 8pm

6/30 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

7/1 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

7/4 - Independence Day, Hastings NE 7pm

7/7 - Sounds of Summer, Coleman Hawkins Park, 630pm

7/22 - Captain Ron’s, Sunrise Beach MO, 8pm

7/27 - Buffalo County Fair, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/5 - “Jeep n’ Jammin’ 4 Brett”, Coleman Hawkins Park, 4pm

8/10 - Happy 15th Soca Jukebox!

8/11 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/12 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/13 - Imagine Eleven w/Shawn Minter, Coleman Hawkins Park, 6pm

8/19 - Centerline Volleyball, Blue Springs MO, 7pm

8/21 - Great American Eclipse, 1pm

8/26 - Manhattan Country Club, Manhattan KS, 8pm

9/3 - Hi-Ho, St. Joseph MO, 8pm

9/8 - Argosy Casino, Kansas City, 9pm

9/9 - Private, 7pm

9/16 - State Theater, Mound City MO, 7pm

12/1 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE 

12/2 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE

Supporter/Fan of the month -

 Roger Lenander, Pastor First Lutheran Church, Imagine Eleven Concert Series.


Roger gave us a great testimonial recently.  It’s been our honor to close the Imagine Eleven Concert Series for several years now.  This special family-friendly and free Sunday night series in sponsored by a group of our local churches.  They offer a wide variety of music at no cost to music fans all summer long.  Soca will close this year’s season on August 13 along with special guest, Shawn Minter ( (

"When the Imagine Eleven needed the right ending to its summer music series that uses music to encourage the community to support and care for one another, Soca Jukebox is the only one we trust. There excellence in musical entertainment combined with the ability to lift the human spirit is a rare gift that they are able to deliver each year. Their music and heart bring the best island party to everyone!"  

-Imagine Eleven Concert Series, Roger Lenander


New Clients, New Venues

Thanks to our newest clients.  Welcome to the family.

Home Runs for Rose

Manhattan Country Club

Imagine Eleven

Blue Skies Health Care

Hastings Parks and Rec

State Theater Arts Council

Argosy Casino

Band Feature -
Getting to Know Soca Jukebox's,
David (aka Dave) Jarman.

David Jarman (Dave) has been playing drums for over 25 years and is well respected in the local music community as a business owner, teacher and session drummer, as well as for his ability to rock out with the best of them. As soon as Dave sits down at the drums and picks up his sticks, his versatility and talent are evident; his passion for music is unmistakable. Drumming became an important part of Dave’s life at an early age and has been a constant ever since. He has performed as a freelance drummer with countless ensembles and has tracked drums on many albums. In his spare time, Dave enjoys building custom drum sets (Jarman Drums), woodworking, and mountain biking.

Other success…

Our famously handsome frontman, lead singer, steel pan virtuoso, conga caresser and chief guirro scratcher, Clay Johnston is also a moonlighting college professor and entrepreneur.  As a founding partner in the home brewing business “Brew Lab” KC, he and his team are growing into a larger location in Overland Park, KS.  Besides being able to have a great time with your friends concocting your very own signature brews there, you’ll be able to get some sweet eats and sample some of the other specialty libations on tap!  

Brew Lab

7925 Marty St.

Overland Park, KS 66204

Bottoms up starting in July!  Congratulations, Guys!




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Available dates for ’17

Soca Jukebox only plays a limited number of dates per year and a portion of those go to charity.  We only have a handful of available dates left to book for this season.  These are first come, first serve.  If you know that Soca J is a great fit for your venue, corporate event, festival or special family occasion, it’s never to early to book.  Thank you for choosing LIVE music for your special events!


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