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May 2017 Newsletter
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If you are getting this you are part of very select team of incredibly beautiful or extremely handsome music fans with a penchant for fun tunes and wild drumming.

Thank you for that.  You are the kind of person we want on our side!

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun

Teachers everywhere are just about to let those "fools" out.  We fools, right here, have already kicked off our Summer 2017 Concert Season.  On Cinco de Mayo, Soca performed for the Children's Advocacy Center and their annual Apple Blossom BBQ contest.  

It was a beautiful night to bang bongos on the backside of our hometown city hall.

TONIGHT... In just a few hours, we'll be taking the stage for the inaugural "Parties on the Parkway", 5pm, SW parkway and King Hill in St. Joseph.  The weather will be cool (and dry, we insist!) but the music will be hot.  All of your friends will be there so you should really come down.


If you haven't seen the all-new SocaJukebox.Com go there immediately.  You can pretty much do everything you can imagine there besides physically hug us.  Up to date calendar, all the music and great new videos.

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What makes Soca J unstoppable?

We think we've got a pretty great thing going here.  Fun, familiar music, remarkable instrumentation and genuine friendship for days.  Make that years.  Make that 15 years to be exact.

2017 is our 15th season as a jolly band of misfits traveling the country, building relationships, making great memories and sharing our music.

To celebrate, we've got a new album coming in June!  We should have the master tracks back in just a couple of weeks along with some great new art work.

It's getting exciting around here!  To think... we could legally get our driver's permit.

27 Ways to Feel Great All Summer Long

Upcoming Shows!

5/5 - Apple Blossom BBQ, 8pm

5/7 - Los Cabos w/Soca Duo, Independence MO, 5pm

5/11 - Party on the Parkway (Rain Date May 11), 5pm

6/1 - Lathrop Friends Festival, Lathrop MO, 8pm

6/4 - Los Cabos w/Soca Duo, Independence MO, 6pm

6/17 - “Home Runs for Rose”, Cameron MO, 6pm

6/24 - Street Dance, Minden NE, 8pm

6/30 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

7/1 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

7/4 - Independence Day, Hastings NE 7pm

7/7 - Sounds of Summer, Coleman Hawkins Park, 630pm

7/22 - Captain Ron’s, Sunrise Beach MO, 8pm

7/27 - Buffalo County Fair, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/4 - Los Cabos, Independence MO, 6pm

8/5 - “Jeep n’ Jammin’ 4 Brett”, Coleman Hawkins Park, TBA

8/5 - Private, 7pm

8/6 - Los Cabos w/Soca Duo, Independence MO, 6pm

8/10 - Happy 15th Soca Jukebox!

8/11 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/12 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE, 7pm

8/13 - Imagine Eleven w/Shawn Minter, Coleman Hawkins Park, 6pm

8/19 - Centerline Volleyball, Blue Springs MO, 7pm

8/21 - Great American Eclipse, 1pm

8/26 - Manhattan Country Club, Manhattan KS, 8pm

9/3 - Hi-Ho, St. Joseph MO, 8pm

9/9 - Private, 7pm

9/16 - State Theater, Mound City MO, 7pm

12/1 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE 

12/2 - Cunningham’s Journal, Kearney NE

Supporter/Fan of the month -

Rory Kelly, Owner - Cell Only

Rory gave us a great testimonial recently.  We loved working with him because his people know how to have a great time.  And he knows who to call when you are looking for just the right band to entertain high-level, party people.

“Soca Jukebox was hired to play a private event for a large group in Sioux Falls SD last summer.  We have had a musical act every year for the last 10 years at this event with little fan fare.  However, everyone loved Soca…people danced, sang along, and had a great time at the party with this group!  I chaired the event and still have people tell me it was the best event in the last 10 years mostly because of the evening played by Soca Jukebox.  On top of delivering on their performance the group was super easy to work with, punctual, and delivered on every promise made….which isn’t always the case in my experience.  I would recommend them to anyone or any function as they really bring the fun to the party!  I can’t wait to see them again!

Best night ever!”

 - Minnihaha Country Club, Souix Falls, SD - Rory Kelly, Owner - Cell Only


New Clients, New Venues

Thanks to our newest clients.  Welcome to the family.

NWMO Children’s Advocacy Center

St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce

Lathrop Friends Festival

Manhattan Country Club

Imagine Eleven

Blue Skies Health Care

Hastings Parks and Rec

State Theater Arts Council

Las Cabos

Band Feature -
Getting to Know Soca Jukebox's Ben Leimkuhler.

Ben is the bassist, conservative watch-dog and accountant for Soca J. He performs many other honorary duties for the band and is licensed to hunt cougar in 9 states. He holds the U.S. digital speed record for 2 fingers on his right hand and has been nominated and awarded the “Golden Jukebox” 5 years running.

What to say about Ben…..Ben is a peculiar fellow, though quite brilliant actually. He has the ability to sit in a chair all day and think of a million great things to do, without actually doing them! Ben has lived a life that… Well he has managed to live a life that…. Well he’s alive. Just the other day, a long time ago, somebody was actually overheard saying something about how Ben isn’t as awful as one might think. In fact, he is even regarded in some circles as the King of the Spreadsheets. As Ben’s mad Excel skillzz tend to isolate him, he is always reluctant to reveal the true nature of his superpower. And so, he is a puzzle to the ordinary run of man. Yet, women are drawn to him because his powers are so fascinating. But Lo, there is no woman who can hold him! For always is he confronted with data of various types and values, and he must organize them into rows and columns. Will Ben ever find love?!? Experts believe it is highly doubtful. Outside of his commemorative spoon collection, Ben finds meaning and purpose while laying down crunchy bass grooves in the band he owns, Soca Jukebox.

The boys of Soca Jukebox are culinary connoisseurs.  They try a little bit of everything and look for great food options on the road.  Here they are pre-Indian/Nepalese lunch.  The spices did make some sweat profusely.  But in a very good way.

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Available dates for ’17

Soca Jukebox only plays a limited number of dates per year and a portion of those go to charity.  We only have 8 available dates left to book for this season.  These are first come, first serve.  If you know that Soca J is a great fit for your venue, corporate event, festival or special family occasion, it’s never to early to book.  Thank you for choosing LIVE music for your special events!


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