About Soca Jukebox


With a track record of providing outstanding music talent for corporate events for over 15 years, Soca Jukebox is one of the top band choices for national corporate entertainment! Soca Jukebox is interactive with your audience and appeals to all ages and musical tastes. Their crowd-pleasing unique blend of Island-Rock covers everything - classic hits in Rock, Reggae, Country, Calypso and Soca (“SO-ul CAlypso”) infused with charisma, humor, false bravado and Rasta-goodness. This five-piece ensemble features a battery of shimmering steel pans, an array of Latin percussion, a fastidious rhythm section and incendiary guitar work. It’s a musical getaway that is uplifting and entertaining, a perfect fit for your corporate event. Soca Jukebox is available for, Client/Employee Banquets, Incentive Programs, Holiday Parties, New Year’s Eve events, Annual Galas, Product launches, Community Concerts, Festivals and so much more!

Soca Jukebox comes complete with full back-line, lighting, and a pro sound company for your corporate event, and is available to travel anywhere! From their Kansas City, Missouri home base, the ensemble is a nationally touring corporate entertainment group that travels coast to coast.

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Getting to Know Soca Jukebox

How Soca Jukebox makes audiences (and promoters) happy!


We entertain people.  They have fun.  Music lifts people up.  We all can get a little down sometimes.  Those cloudy and cold, January, Missouri days can be brutal.  That's when we've got to get together and "feel alright".

Audiences of all kinds...  our friends, our family, your guests,  your clients, festival go-ers, entertainment seekers and just plain music-lovers seek the benefits of music and music lessons.

If you are hosting an event for the family, organizing a community celebration, corporate entertainment, getting the gang together or maybe just need an inspiring night out...